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    Annual Asian Heritage Law School Scholarship

    Boston divorce attorney Gabriel Cheong with Infinity Law Group LLC is offering an annual scholarship for law school students of Asian heritage. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded every fall semester and is intended to encourage more Asian Americans to choose a degree that will help them give back to the Asian community.

    The scholarship information and application can be found on our website here: https://www.infinlaw.com/scholarship/


    Completed applications must be submitted no later than August 1st of the application year.

    We would like to receive as many applicants as possible!

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    Count on COUNTRY Financial® Grant Program

    Request for Proposals

    2017-2018 Grant Program Guidelines

    What is Count on COUNTRY Financial®?

    Count on COUNTRY Financial® is a community grant program for nonprofit organizations in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Portland. Grants are awarded to organizations that provide educational opportunities and resources to help single parents and their children achieve financial security.

    Through Count on COUNTRY Financial, we have distributed $2 million since 2008 to more than 25 nonprofit organizations with programs that are improving the financial security of families across the country. The goal of this funding is to help break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that provide financial education for youth and adults Current recipients are profiled at www.countoncountryfinancial.com.

    Who is eligible?

    COUNTRY Financial seeks to fund programs that help single parents and their children achieve financial security.To be considered, organizations should provide services such as:

    o Employment: Obtaining reliable work leads to a steady income, one of the most important paths to financial security.

    o Youth mentoring: Financial security education for kids and young adults audience creates a money-savvy generation.

    o Homeownership: Improving credit, savings and creating a budget is the difference between homelessness and owning a home.

    o Financial security education: Financial security education improves the lives of parents and children, helping end poverty in communities across the nation.

    Why did COUNTRY Financial launch a grant program?

    Strengthening the financial security of families is our top priority. Count on COUNTRY Financial demonstrates our commitment to community initiatives that pave the way for future generations to thrive.

    Who is COUNTRY Financial?

    COUNTRY Financial helps families achieve their dreams through the financial security products and services we’ve provided for more than 85 years. The COUNTRY Financial group (www.countryfinancial.com) serves about one million households and businesses throughout the United States. We offer a full range of financial products and services from auto, home, business, farm and life insurance to retirement planning services, investment management and annuities.

    Grant specifics

    Grants totaling $400,000 are available. The grant amount awarded per organization will be determined by the depth and breadth of your program, and typically range from $5,000 - $30,000. Grants are not renewable. Grant recipients will also receive the benefit of assistance from COUNTRY Financial to secure publicity for their organization and the specific program being funded, as well as volunteer hours from COUNTRY Financial representatives and employees.

    Selection criteria for grant recipients

    Proposals will be judged on how well they provide financial security services or education for single parents and/or the children of single parents in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Portland.

    The following criteria will be evaluated:

    o How well the organization’s program or service emphasizes the importance of financial security education for single parents and/or the children of single parents in order to:

     Manage their money effectively

     Protect their assets

     For those less fortunate, develop and accumulate assets

     Save for special milestones like college, retirement or homeownership

     Achieve their full financial potential

    o Programs should be executed at a community level beginning in the winter of 2017 or spring of 2018 and be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of a community within Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Portland.

    o Organizations should prove their financial health and solvency, as well as demonstrate their efficiency in directing philanthropic dollars toward direct program costs.

    o Proposals should request funding for sustainable programs or services, not operations or capital support. The organization’s ability to sustain the program beyond the life of the grant should be explained and documented.

    o The program should allow for the involvement of COUNTRY Financial employees and representatives as volunteers, board members and/or consultants on program development.

    o Metrics for measuring success, and how the organization will achieve them, must be built into the proposal.

    Who determines the winners?

    The COUNTRY Financial corporate contributions committees and regional management teams will select recipients based on program criteria.

    How do I submit a proposal?

    Please create a document about your organization and program idea that includes the following sections. All items must be addressed for consideration:

    1. Program Description (two-page limit)

    o Primary initiative

    o Goals (note: please be specific when describing desired outcomes)

    o Program “brand” and promotional plan (ex: program name, how the program would be communicated, etc.)

    o Target communities (ex: neighborhoods/regions served)

    o Target audience (ex: adults, children, women, specific minority populations, etc.; please estimate percentage of beneficiaries who are single parents or children of single parents)

    o Implementation plan and timeline (note: please be sure to indicate key milestones and check points)

    o Program budget (ex: how grant will be allocated)

    o Staffing

    o COUNTRY involvement (ex: how do you envision using COUNTRY as a resource beyond a monetary contribution)

    o Possible collaborations with other organizations (ex: funders, community groups, other non-profits, etc.)

    2. Execution and Evaluation (one-page limit)

    o Detailed timeline documenting the preparation, launch and program roll-out

    o Criteria for success (ex: number of clients served, dollars saved, debt reduced, home owners achieved, etc.)

    o How and when you will measure the effectiveness of your program (note: please list specific qualitative and quantitative reporting metrics that are used)

    o Expected outcomes/outputs

    3. Sustainability (one-page limit)

    o Plans to sustain your program beyond the term of this grant (note: please include details explaining how this will be achieved)

    o Potential for expanding your program to other communities, if any

    4. Supporting Documentation

    o A copy of your most recent financial statement including a W-9

    o Please provide two references for your organization that we may contact. (note: Letters are also acceptable.)


     Examples of appropriate references include board members, sponsor organizations, elected officials or clients using your organization’s services or other offerings

    5. If you are a 2016-2017 grant recipient, please include a recap of your program (refer to your mid-year report evaluation chart)

    o Client Demographics Served:

     Total number of program participants

     Percentage of program attendees who are single parents

     Demographic profiles of clientele who benefitted from the program(s) services

    o Program Description(s):

     Number of programs held (ex: classes, one-on-one sessions)

     Curriculum/program focus (ex: describe the services facilitated and type(s) of classes held – i.e., client workshops, community class, etc.)

    o Community Outreach Efforts:

     How you publicized/generated awareness for the program (ex: flyers, website, community events, community newspaper, etc.)

     Summary of COUNTRY Financial involvement (ex: Financial Rep attendance at seminars, etc.)

    o Evidence of Achievements:

     Quantitative and qualitative results, including success stories/feedback from program attendees (ex: surveys, testimonials, graduation rates, etc.)

     Contact information for at least three references

    Please email your submissions by October 31, 2017 at 5 p.m. CST to donations@countryfinancial.com.

    Grant recipients will be announced this winter. For additional information please contact:


    Carrie Corson and Leslie Frohman

     Carrie.Corson@countryfinancial.com


     Leslie.Frohman@countryfinancial.com



    Carrie Corson and Michael Fisher

     Carrie.Corson@countryfinancial.com


     Michael.fisher@countryfinancial.com


    Minneapolis/St. Paul

    Katie Herron and Sarah Franzen

     Katie.Herron@countryfinancial.com


     Sarah.Franzen@countryfinancial.com



    Carrie Corson and Tim Harris

     Carrie.Corson@countryfinancial.com


     Tim.Harris@countryfinancial.com


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    Chi Zhang wrote:

    You are invited to participate in a survey about Chinese Americans' attitudes about social and political issues, as well as connections with media resources, conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication. This survey should take about 20 minutes of your time. Upon completing the survey, you will be entered into a raffle for one of 20 Amazon gift cards, worth $100 each. Your answers will be completely confidential, and we will not use your contact information for other purpose. 

    To participate and respond in English, please click on the link provided:


    Please feel free to forward the survey to your friends and invite them to participate. If you have any questions, or are interested in the findings, please contact Chi Zhang (zhan427@usc.edu)




    您也可以将这封邮件转发给符合条件的朋友,邀请他们参加。如果有任何疑问,或对研究结果感兴趣,请联系张弛 (zhan427@usc.edu)UP Board Result 2017 BSEB Matric Result

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